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Throne Of Novoxos

All she wanted was to save a life, even if he was her sworn enemy. She didn’t mean to make him fall in love. She didn’t mean to make him break his vow to his people. And sparking a war was the absolute last thing she ever wanted. But all this and more confronts Vaush as she embarks on an epic journey to restore order to the Empire and to take her rightful place with him by her side..

"Van Laven Chronicles (Book 1)"


Tyler Chase


My true passion is writing, studying geopolitics and religion. While I enjoy a great range of authors, I was especially inspired by the writings of Frank Herbert, particularly the Dune series. This work started out as Dune fan-fiction before evolving into a series, taking on a life of its own. I also have other writing projects in the works, but by far, the Van Laven Chronicles series is where I expend most of my efforts.

In addition to being an author, I’m also a CPA, a wife and mother of two teenage children. In between those duties, I love hearing from the readers and discussing character and plot development.

  • Chase builds tension like nobody’s business…and manages to work in a fantastic love story along with a well-paced, intelligent and action-packed plot.

    Mary Reviews
  • This is a rare novel that had heart pounding battle scenes, to romantic love scenes, to twisted (and I mean twisted) family relationships, magical/supernatural elements, danger.

    Kaylee Stevens

    Book Reviewer
  • Very steamy love scenes that will leave you fawning over Comron, keeping you hooked and committed till the final page.

    Bethany Williams

    Book Reader
  • It is high fantasy with lots of political intrigue, the depth of which at times even surpasses the master of the genre, George R. R. Martin

    Jenna at Goodreads

  • A big win for adventure and romance fans!

    Kirkus Reviews

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Throne Of Novoxos

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Her heart of gold yearns to build an Empire where peace and harmony reign.
The only thing more powerful than their ambitions, is their boundless love for each other.

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Pressures abound from all sides – with civil war threatening from within and an even more devastating war looming on the horizon, the power couple has little room to maneuver…and even more pressure to produce the coveted heir to the imperial throne.

Continue the saga as love and courage are put to the ultimate test! Together in life, together in death…

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Award winning best selling book series