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Xi'an Handove Industry and Trading Co. Ltd., is a diversified trading company serving customers and communities with traditional PPE products and services.
1989: The founders of Xi'an Handove Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. started international trading on PPE products.
2008: Xi'an Handove Industry and Trading Company ltd., Co., was established in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China, since Nov. 27, 2008.
At same time, Handove established her teams on R/D, trading fairs, logistic, QC, and service.
2009 ~: Obtained CE certificates to the main products.
2009 ~2015: HANDOVE was Five Stars members of alibaba.com.
2013 ~: HANDOVE is Four Stars members of Global sources.
Business sourcing in China.
Purchasing solution.
QC & logistic service.
Xian Handove Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. is located in Xi’an city, which is a famous historical city and geographic center in China.
As a global supplier, Handove has established good business relationship with most of the manufactures of PPE products in China.
1. Protective eye-wear
2. Protective headgear
3. Half mask respirator
4. Safety caps
5. Ear muffs
6. Unsupported gloves
7. Supported gloves
8. Knitting gloves
9. Sewn gloves
10. Leather gloves
11. Working accessories
12. Reflective vests
13. Rain-wear
14. Garments uniforms
15. Knee guard
16. Working shoes
Product Application
Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter. Protective equipment may be worn for job-related occupational safety and health purposes, as well as for sports and other recreational activities. "Protective clothing" is applied to traditional categories of clothing, and "protective gear" applies to items such as pads, guards, shields, or masks, and others.
The purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels. PPE is needed when there are hazards present. PPE has the serious limitation that it does not eliminate the hazard at source and may result in employees being exposed to the hazard if the equipment fails.
Registered Trade Mark/Certification
Registered trade mark for HANDOVE ppe products:

HANDOVE already got CE certificates for some of main products
HANDOVE also successfully help her partners to fulfil certification or audit on CE, Rohs, Reach, UL.
Markets and partners
HANDOVE is a reliable and successful supplier on worldwide PPE market .
Our full range products and service is attractive to global wholesalers and importers on PPE market.
HANDOVE already established firm relationships with his global partners in Europe, Africa, South America, America, and Asia.mens black winter leather gloves factory


Our History
Wenzhou Lucheng East Sea Container Fittings Factory was established in May 1984 in Zhejiang province.The founder, Mr. Weng Yuming led the team developed and manufactured the security seals in plastic seal series independently, the sales volume grows gradually.
In 1997, the company removed the Zhejiang Industrial Zone, beginning to develop and manufacture the security cable seal series independently, which became the company's main product at that time.
In 2003, because of company restructuring, Shanghai Xinfan Container Fittings Co.,Ltd. was established, obtained a TSS certification for security trademark, the product line is to be further expanded, and developed and promoted a high-security seal, metal seal, barrier seal, and other new products. In the same year, a production base was set up in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone , meanwhile, a stable foundation was lain for the follow-up development .
In 2005, because of the factory expansion, its construction area covers 28,000 square meters.
Since 2006, the company obtained the national ISO 9001:2008 Industry Quality Certification, accessing overseas market independently, and focusing a batch of young power, growing the development of business rapidly.
In 2008, the company established offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, which has further improved its domestic-market share. In the same year, forming the commerce department, which is to provide customers professional service with the pre-sale, sale, after-sale, full-range service. Enhanced accessories for Xinfan in the logistics industry's leader position.
Since 2010, Xinfan obtained the international ISMA industry certification.
Since 2011, obtained the national GSV industry certification, the product line is to be further expanded, increased the packing materials, logistics supply, logistic-industry products, which is committed to becoming a long-term enterprise in the logistics area.
In 2012, the company imported a large number of modern automation-machinery equipment, and the testing & developing laboratory was found, which is to develop the industrialization of the factory transformation vigorously, to promote the product-efficiency.
In 2013, because of the factory expansion again, increasing production capacity, the factory construction area surpassed 40,000 square meters, preparing once again for industrial upgrading.
In 2015, Xinfan got its stock number 100432 in National Equities Exchange and Quotations of Shanghai Equity Exchange.
In 2016, the company imported a new thermal transfer ribbon production line and cutting machine, which can produce various types of ribbon like wax, resin and wax/resin ribbons. In the same year, Xinfan got its stock number 300052 in Science and Technology Innovation of Shanghai Equity Exchange.
Our Factory
Shanghai Xinfan Industrial Corporation., established in 1984, which is one of the biggest integrated logistics and warehousing suppliers in China. Our company is headquartered in Shanghai with branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. We have formed a professional marketing network based on Chinese mainland and covering the globe.
The company engaged in diversified business development, the main businesses are in FMCG( fast-moving consumer goods), security supplier, packaging material, logistics equipment &accessories, and other businesses. In last thirty years we dedicated to providing customer professional and comprehensive one-stop service in integrated logistics and warehousing industry.
Xinfan have more than 40,000 square meters of production centers with more than 100 sets of automated, semi-automated machinery and equipment, an independent R&D team and laboratories with a large number of high-quality mature partner suppliers. In 2016, in order to get better serve customers, the company imported a new thermal transfer ribbon production line, cutting machine, which can produce various types of ribbon like wax-based, mixed and resin-based to meet different customer industries demand.
Our products are used by more than 100 countries and over 2500 customers, including Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as shipping industry, airline, courier company, postal industry, chemical industry, supermarkets and chain stores, warehouse logistics industry, manufacturing industry and so on.
Our goal — to become the long-lasting enterprise in logistics and warehousing industry, providing safety, reliable and professional integrated solutions to our partners all over the world.
Our Products
Security seals, void labels and security bags, tote container boxes, thermal transfer ribbon, other logistic packaging and transportation supplies. Please click here for more details.
Product Applications
● Shipping lines
● Airlines
● Banks
● Customs
● Food and Beverages
● Commercial Warranty
● Railway and Road Transportations
● Air Mails
● Retail Industry
● Meters and Fire safety
● Hospitals
● Dairy Industries
● Healthcare
● Manufacturing Industries
● Petrochemical and Oil Industries
● Others
Our Certificates
ISO9001-2008 Certificate
ISMA membership
Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate
ISO17712 certificate
Patents of Appearance Design X 23
Patents of Utility Model X 22
Invention Patent x 3
Production Equipments
Plastic Injection Machines
Automated and Semi-automated Assembly Machines and Equipments
Laser Printing Machines
Hot Stamping Machines
Thermal Transer Ribbon Production and Cutting Machines
Production Market and Clients
Where we well
Our products are sold worldwide including South America, North America, Middle East, Asian mainland, Oceania, Europe and Africa, etc.
Who are our clients meter seal

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