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Handy Tips For Moving With Your Cat

If moving is a stressful activity for you, you must know that it can be the same or even worse for your cat.

Cats are extremely suspicious creatures when it comes to change within their space. Even small changes within a room can make them nervous; thus, imagine what a complete change of house can do to them.

Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to ease your friend's reaction to a major house move and make it less stressful for you too, if putting him in a good pet nursery for a few days is not an option.

1. About a month before you move, leave the carrier in which you will be transporting your friend close to his surroundings, so that the cat gets used to its sight and smell.

2. On moving day, put the cat in a completely closed room to keep him away from the hectic activity and to be able to find him easily when you're ready to leave. Do not forget to provide a litter tray, water and food for him, and to put a note on the door reminding everyone that the door must remain shut at all times.

3. When you are ready to go, put the cat inside the carrier with a familiar blanket and secure him in the car with a seat belt.

4. If the trip is long, offer him water and a litter box. If you stop at some point, leave a window open and park the car in the shade, as high temperatures inside the car may be fatal.

5. Once you arrive to your new home, leave the cat inside the carrier until a room is ready to accommodate him along with his tray, water and food. Do not leave any doors or windows open, and make his environment feel as safe as possible.

6. As soon as the Seattle movers are done and all exterior doors are closed, let the cat out of the room and allow him to explore the new environment; you can start with two rooms to take it slow.

7. Cats rub their heads and bodies on furniture, walls, doors, and everything else to leave their scent on them, as it gives them a sense of security. So, to help them settle in, grab a soft cloth and rub it gently around their face to pick up their scent, then, pass the cloth around the places the cats will be exploring, this will make them feel confident in their new space. Do this daily for about a week.

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8. Feed the cat with small frequent meals at first to have more contact with him and to reassure him that everything is fine.

9. Do not let the cat out of the Packers and Movers Ahmedabad house during the first two or three weeks to give him time to learn his new space and get used to the smells. When you finally let him out, make sure he is hungry so that he doesn't go too far. Ensure also that it is a quiet time and go with him. Let him go a little further every day, but never alone, and always wearing a clear ID.

With some patience and perseverance, you and your cat will soon feel right at home in your new place, ready to enjoy it fully and happily.

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